Our Most Loved Dishes

Rava Dulax DOSA

Cream of wheat pancake served with separate mildly spiced potato filling, coconut chutney and sambhar.

Patti Samosa

Pastry filled with spicy vegetable mix, served with chutney.


Lentil pizza topped with tomatoes, onions and coconut, with a unique fl avour created by a well balanced mixture of exotic spices, all served with sambhar and coconut chutney.

Shankar Thali

The house speciality comprising of daal Soup, papadam, bhajia, fl our and curries, special rice, raita, chapatis or puris and a choice of dessert (shrikhand, gulab jamun or kheer)

Behind The Scenes

We have spectacular looking buffet set during everyday with reasonable price; To all our customers for any reason if you are unhappy with our service. Please let us know with your valuable suggestion and comments that how we can improve our service. Our aim is make you are valuable for us.

Dishes of the Day

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